Being Happy Is Your One and Only Responsibility

God created you happy and your one responsibility is to be happy and there is nothing else. It is really very simple.

This talk delves into the stillness and joy of mysticism. We are reminded that unlike what we may have been taught, we have just one responsibility and that is to simply be happy. As our minds let go of other worldly responsibilities and concerns, we discover that everything has been provided for our happiness with no exceptions. A course in miracles

Golden Nugget:
“I have heard it said in scriptures that, 'the many are one and the one are many.' This is simply not true for there is only one. There has always only been one and we need not compromise in this anymore. There are not many responsibilities. There is only one responsibility. God created you happy and your one responsibility is to be happy and there is nothing else. It is really very simple. And, if you have an experience of not being happy it means you have not accepted your one responsibility. Make no mistake, there are no others.

I have heard people say: ‘Is that practical? What about jobs? What about children? What about families? What about society?’ What about these things?! What do these things have to do with our one responsibility?! Nothing! Nothing at all. You must empty your mind of these foolish ideas. None of them are practical. None of them will bring you happiness. None of them have ever brought you happiness. And you don’t have to think of turning away from them. Just turn inward to the light. That will fulfill you. That will be your happiness. That will be your sustenance. That is your source. There is nothing else. Living Miracles Center

As we look around us in this world we see that everything is provided for this one responsibility. Everything you perceive is for your happiness. Everything you perceive has no other purpose but your happiness. And when I say happiness I mean everlasting life. I don’t mean fleeting happiness; here one moment and gone the next. I don’t mean temporary happiness, because if you think the temporary is happiness you are mistaken. Happiness must be constant to be itself. You can know it or seem to not know it, but happiness is not a matter of degree. There is no partial happiness. It is either known or it seems unknown. So that is why you come to a silent retreat, to know your one responsibility, to be in touch with happiness as your very being; to happily laugh at distractions, laugh at worries, laugh at concerns, to laugh at fears and doubts because you were meant to laugh. You were never meant to take them seriously. Honestly, everything is provided. When you lead a life of devotion to oneness it must be that everything is included in that. Nothing is out of place. There are no loose ends to finish up in oneness, no loose strings to tie up, no projects to finish, nothing left undecided.”

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