Do not see error.

In this powerful and humorous talk, David Hoffmeister talks about what it means to not see error and answers questions around how to be truly helpful, the atonement, and quantum love. He also shares about the joy of a life where you don’t perceive any problems. When you are in a “no problem” state of mind it gets funny when somebody is trying to convince you that there is a problem. All you can do is give them a big hug!

Golden Nugget:
“You know when Jesus italicizes his words in the Course you tend to think, 'Ok, he is trying to emphasize something here.' Years ago, when I was going through the Course, I think it was in The Song of Prayer, he italicized four words there, and it was a very powerful experience for me when I read those four words. I had to pause and it was just like a tsunami of love going over me.

The four words that Jesus italicized were, ‘Do not see error’ (S-2.I.3) and I thought, 'wow!' Because in the human condition, human beings are accustomed to judging mistakes and errors every day. And we all deal with it differently. Sometimes we think, 'somebody has got to say something,' or, 'I’ll just overlook that; having already perceived it, I’ll just overlook that.' Then it happens again, 'I’ll just overlook that. I’m going to forgive that. Forgive, forgive, forgive, the Bible says, ‘Forgive seventy times seven.’ (Matthew 18:22)' But why forgive so many times unless we are still perceiving erroneously?

The solution could be much simpler: being in a state of mind which we call ‘Quantum Love,’ in which you do not even see error. When I first read, ‘Do not see error,’ I thought, 'Wow!' I want to know that experience! Instead of having to perceive something and figure out a way to correct it, I want to be taken into that state of mind where I don’t see the mistake. A course in miracles 

You can see how loving that would be; that Christ Presence. It didn’t matter who Jesus was with, where he was, or whatever; it was all just engulfed in that love. So now, living in community—and although I feel like the whole universe is really our community—we are going to come and share our experiences with this Quantum Love, and join together in going into that experience. You can see how innocent you would feel in that experience! You would never have to keep going back to criticizing things, and even the very process of correction is transcended by this Quantum Love. It is beyond the process of healing. It is really the aim of all healing; to come into that I-Am Presence that is prior to error. ‘… before Abraham was, I am.’ (John 8:58)“ 

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