Are You Hiding behind the Cosmic Fig Leaf?

A Course in Miracles makes it very clear that God had nothing to do with this world!

Just like the fig leaves that were used to hide Adam and Eve’s “private parts” in the Bible story, this entire cosmos was made up as a “Cosmic Fig Leaf” to hide your seemingly private mind from the light of God! Although many spiritualities teach that this world was a divine Creation of God, A Course in Miracles makes it very clear that God had nothing to do with this world! Go deeply into the metaphysics of the Course with this talk.

Golden Nugget:
“That state of mind (being as God created you) is so natural, more natural than breathing. It’s not anything special, nothing extraordinary. The ego might make a concept out of it and tries to turn it into ‘something,’ but it is the most natural experience there could ever be, because it is our state of mind that we were created in. There can’t be anything easier than being as God created you. All the struggles and seeming challenges of this world are just reflections of this ‘puff of nothingness’ some people have called the ego. And this puff of nothingness has been called by Jesus ‘ingenious.’ So, it is a clever puff. And that is why, when you are exposing it to release it, you want to be very thorough, and you want to hide nothing from the Holy Spirit. That’s how you dispel a trickster, by pulling no tricks. You do not want to get involved in the tricks of the ego, because then it seems real, and you block the awareness of Love’s Presence. And everyone has the Presence of Love in them, as them, through them; there is no need for suffering, no need for trials and tribulations.

The sooner the mind can come to a readiness and an acceptance of that Love, the better. There is nothing about the Spirit that wills any delay. In fact, in A course in miracles , Jesus says, ‘Delay does not matter in eternity, but it is tragic in time.’ T.5.VI.1:3 I think that is a beautiful quote, because to hold off from who you are, to deny who you are, and deny how God created you as Spirit, would be the only thing at all that could be tragic. And the things that we consider tragic in this world, are really just projections of this tragic belief that is unknown in Heaven, but it seems to have taken on a reality. Jesus said that you made the ego by believing in it, and you can dispel it by withdrawing your belief from it. So, really, that is what our seeming journey is all about. We are just learning to withdraw our faith, withdraw our belief in the ego, in the imposter-self, in the self-concept that was made to take the place of God, and we are putting our faith back in the Holy Spirit, or the divine Spirit, or the Higher Self; our Self that remembers who we are, our Self that could never forget the Love of God.”

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Question and Answer Session with David Hoffmeister


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