Allow Yourself to Be Loved

‘You are a miracle!’

David Hoffmeister talks about how to tune into what he calls “Central Casting”—the guidance from the Holy Spirit—and let go of how you think your life should go. Just give your full “yes” to Spirit and come to see that you need do nothing, because He will do all things through you. You can simply drop into the lightness of joy and laughter and soar in the truth of who you are! Without a care! Forget about time and space and realize that, by following His guidance, you allow yourself to be loved truly.

Golden Nugget:
“There is a movie I watched within this past year. It was called, 'To the Wonder.' And I loved it! It was such a poetic and mystical movie. It was about falling in love, and then the wonder is the miracle—To the Miracle, To the Wonder. And then this contrast-experience of struggle, sadness, hurt, anger, or betrayal—all this other stuff—almost made it feel like this movie was like a question mark. It was showing and demonstrating such spectacular Love! You know, when people fall in love, there is just nothing like that experience of just falling deeper and deeper and deeper in love, and then the question mark is, 'Why does it have to be any different than this? Why can’t it always be the wonder? Why can’t we just live in a state of continuous wonder?' You know, sometimes you get a glimpse of it with children; they’re just playing and they’re so gleeful; they’re just running around. Or like a dog wagging its tail; it is so happy. It is in the wonder. And then, 'Wow, this other thing, what a bummer! You know, Why can’t I always be in the wonder? Why does life have to have this other stuff in it?' So, I think with the spiritual pathways or the spiritual opening, you start to see that, of course you deserve the wonder. You are worthy of the wonder! And actually, you are the wonder! All this talk of miracles… Jesus has this big, big book called A Course in Miracles and at one point he comes out and he says, ‘You are a miracle!’ T-1.I.24:2

It is like, 'Whoah!' You know, you are trying to get all the technical specifics, you know, the fifty principles, ‘Miracles are natural. When they do not occur something has gone wrong.’ T-1.I.6 And you are kind of studying it; you are very studious: 'I’m going to get this. I’m going to study this. I’m going to study your book and I’m going to find out what this miracle is.' And then he comes out and says, ‘You are a miracle.’ And he is not talking about personality-self ‘you.’ He is talking about the ‘You.’ The real You. The real Self. The capital ‘I.’ The I-Am-ness.

Isn’t that an adventure, when you start to experience the wonder! And you say, 'Wow, I would love to have this be continuous. I would love to be in a state of wonder!' And that we can, we can! That was the heartbreak of the To the Wonder movie; the sense that, 'Isn’t it a shame that it doesn’t last?' But for me, I saw it the other way around. It was like I could feel like, 'Thank you for this wondrous experience! Thank you for giving me something that lasts, that goes on and on and on and on.' It never dips. It doesn’t dip away from itself. It is just what it is. And it’s truly just by devoting yourself to miracles, you know to saying, 'Maybe I don’t know that I am the miracle but can I be a miracle worker?' Start off with that. I show up as a miracle worker and You will take me to, ‘I am the miracle.’ That is a wondrous life.”

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Jason Warwick on 2020-02-24

What a beautiful talk!

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