ACIM: An Owners Manual for Happiness

We experience miracles.

A Course in Miracles is a direct pathway back to God that teaches us how to forgive. The goal of ACIM: An Owners Manual for Happiness is not about making a better life in the world, but about letting the world as we perceive it, fall apart. This necessarily involves letting go of control, and as we pray to be shown the world through the light of the Holy Spirit, it becomes easier and easier. Peace becomes our natural experience. We experience miracles. And we become peaceful demonstrations of the love of Christ. True happiness always comes from within.

Golden Nugget:

"Working with A Course in Miracles is a very direct pathway back to God. And you have to be very intuitive when you work with it because it can be very strong. Many times people get into spirituality because they want to make a better life in this world. But the journey is about going through a purification process where the world as you perceive it starts to fall apart and this is not a time to panic. It’s a time to pray and say, show me the world in a different way. And many times things fall away. Where things you thought were very familiar and you would see them your whole life, they start to disappear. It could be friends, it could be family, jobs, your whole career. It starts to be washed away, rinsed away. But there is nothing to worry about because you are still provided with everything that you need. And all you are doing is, you are learning that this world is not home.
Everybody likes the Spielberg movie, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. Everyone in the theater is crying because we all want E.T. to go home. And the reason we’re crying is because we want to go home. So in one sense, ACIM is like your owner’s manual. It gives it to you very direct, very straight. And you definitely have to be ready for it. This is why you don’t have to try to convince the presidents or the pope because it’s just for your mind.
I think if you presented ACIM to the presidents they might laugh and say: ‘This is one of those crazy New Age writings. Who wrote this book?’

‘Ok, next.’
Because you have to be ready to go on this spiritual journey. And you really don’t have to convince anybody else about this course. When you feel peaceful and loving that is the convincing. And if you are a demonstration of the Love of Christ then people may ask, ‘Why are you so happy,’ or ‘Why are you always smiling?’ They may honestly be very curious in a very sincere way. And even then you just have to let the Spirit come through you as the Spirit Guides.

At the beginning, I got so excited with all the miracles that I tried to talk to my mother and father about this. They were not interested. My mother was a Christian woman, a very devoted Christian woman. She said, ‘I already have a minister. I don’t need another minister.’ And I thought, ‘That’s Jesus speaking through Mum.’ Don’t try to convince anybody."

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