A Profound Look on Choosing and Valuing Hatred or Love

If it is eternal, if it is everlasting, it is valuable.

In this talk, David makes the profound connection that if we are valuing anything in this world we are actually A Profound Look on Choosing hatred over love. In truth, there is no difference between the things that bring us pleasure and the things that cause us pain. There is an unconscious fear in the mind that we are in competition with God. Enjoy these deep and uncompromising messages from David that will help accelerate your awakening if you choose. Living Miracles Center

Golden Nugget:
"If you have any investment in anything of this world specifically, then you prefer an ancient hatred over a present love. To value anything at all of this world is to value linear time, and the ego invented linear time. You are stepping out onto the ego’s playing field if you value anything of this world. You are stepping into the boxing ring whether you are wearing a helmet or if you've got gloves or not. You are in the ring when you value anything of this world. I remember I was doing ACIM workbook lessons and I came to workbook lesson 133: I will not value what is valueless. W-133 Good lesson! I was reading the lesson and Jesus is always so upfront. He is always so straightforward. He does not mince his words. I say, ‘Give it to me straight.’ He says, ‘Okay. I will.’ And in lesson 133 Jesus says, ‘I will tell you the criteria for telling whether something is valuable or valueless. I will give you the criteria.’ That is important. If the lesson is, I will not value the valueless, the next step is, ‘Okay, now tell me what is valuable and what is valueless?’ And he gives it to us. He says, ‘If it will not last forever it has no value whatsoever.’ I said, ‘Okay. What is the second criteria?’ There is none! There is only one criteria. He is really simple and he is giving it to us. If it will not last forever it has no value whatsoever. If it is eternal, if it is everlasting, it is valuable. If it is temporary, if it is changing, zero, zilch, nothing, no value!"

Recorded at the “A Present Love” ACIM Conference on April 17, 2015 in New York City

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