To our dear Friends and fellow students of A Course in Miracles,

At this challenging time we are given a powerful opportunity to choose to experience ether fear or love. I am reminded of an incident with Helen and Bill, co-scribes of the Course, which happened in 1976.

I had recently read a book about Mother Teresa and was very moved by her story and her work. Imagine my surprise when one day Helen called me from her office and asked if I would like to meet this amazing woman. I accepted the invitation with alacrity and made my way uptown to Columbia University School of Physicians and Surgeons on 168th Street, in New York City.

I was surprised to find Helen and Bill with only Mother Teresa and her associate, a Franciscan monk, who was a good friend of Helen and Bill’s and a former student. With sincere interest, Mother Teresa asked me to tell her how I met them. I quickly relayed my story about feeling the depths of despair and asking for Higher help. She nodded her understanding and said, “My dear, you were suffering from a dreadful disease.” I asked what it was called. She replied, “It is called spiritual deprivation and it is an epidemic in this world.” Surprised, I asked her if there was any cure. She beamed and took my hand. “Yes, there is indeed a cure. It is called Love and thank God, it is contagious.”

We all, as students of the Course, know we can take heart that Love is indeed an antidote to fear. We know from our personal experiences of this blessed practice that miracles happen when we let go of our fear and turn the nightmare over to the Holy Spirit.

In these challenging times, let us remember the antidote. By giving it to the Holy Spirit we can each be guided in how to extend love in every circumstance.

May we all remember that the great gift we can give to this world of form in which we see ourselves enmeshed is our deep faith in this Knowing.

May we now exercise our belief in Love and let us walk this way in gratitude.

Judith Skutch Whitson
Foundation for Inner Peace

Coronavirus Antidote - Love is Contagious - More on this Here 

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