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Is there a distinction between ego defense or protection and right-minded defense/protection? And could the ACIM copyright be an example of the latte

Question: One topic of conversation that I have not seen with this copyright drama is the difference between ego defense, "right" defense, and protection. ACIM clearly states, "In my defenselessness my safety lies." It also says that innocence with wisdom protects its wholeness, and that innocence is true perception. "Because their hearts are pure, the innocent defend true perception instead of defending themselves against it." (T-3.II.5.8)

Answer: Thanks for sharing your ponderings and insights. We shall rest in God's Love, and protect our rest by Loving. In the context to which you refer to them,”right defense" and "protection" are synonymous with right-mindedness. In this sense the Holy Spirit's Perspective is the only "defense" or "protection" for the peace and sanity of the mind. The only true defense is the Atonement, Which is complete defenselessness. Spirit is invulnerable. This Correction or defense, offered by the Holy Spirit, is something that the ego can never turn against the mind, for the Atonement is the recognition that the separation never happened. It is also the recognition that the ego is not real. It is no wonder that Atonement is synonymous with fearlessness, for Perfect Love casts out fear. Glory to the bright and radiant fearlessness of the mind aligned with God! Glory to the Christ Which resides forever in the Mind of God! You are the One.

In innocence, wisdom, and wholeness I see You Beloved of God. I rejoice in our Oneness forever.

Love, David