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Is nothing real? Are you real?

Question: Are you real? Or are you just part of the dream, representing my desire to awaken? Am I the only being in the world? There is no Peace House, is there? Unless of course, I decided to go there, then it would all be exactly as I made it up to be. There never really was a man named Jesus. This is all contrived. I made you up, didn't I?

Answer: I am real. There is only One. You are the One. I am the One. There is no David in Reality, yet David can be used by the Holy Spirit as a symbol or reflection of the desire to Awaken. The same applies to Jesus. There is only the Spirit God created Eternal. There is no Peace House in Reality, and yes if you seemed to decide to go "there" it would be exactly as the ego made it up to be. Perception is selective and subjective through the ego's lens, and there is no objective world apart from the perceiver. The ego made the cosmos, yet the Holy Spirit uses what the ego made to lead to the Kingdom of Heaven within. Love is All there Is. Eternity Shines!

Love, David