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Is it ever okay to lie?

Question: Can there be times when it is justified to lie? I would be interested in hearing any helpful thoughts that you have on that question.

Answer: There is no circumstance where a lie is OK, for every circumstance is an opportunity to witness for the truth. A lie is always a self-deception, and God Wills that Love be Love. So when the Spirit within is called upon, the truth will shine forth in thought, word, and deed. Dishonesty or deception is actually just a momentary error or inconsistency, while consistency and honesty are synonymous. Aligned with God, all thoughts and words and deeds are consistent; they are in accord with one another. This is the test of truth: If everything you think, feel, perceive, and act upon (including behavior and words) are in harmony, dishonesty is impossible.

Love and Blessings, David