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Can a prophecy of terrorism be prevented? Can I help "others" in the world?

Question: I recently read a prediction which, if true, will be devastating to certain parts of the world. I am wondering, given that this world is all an illusion, whether one should draw the attention of the authorities to it. If I could have prevented a past natural or man-made disaster and did not, I would have been devastated. If it’s not supposed to happen, then maybe I am the one who should speak up; if it is supposed to happen, then it'll happen whether I speak up or not. Your thoughts please.

Answer: The script is written. The most helpful thing one can do is accept Atonement and thus see that all form is the past. The ego would have you believe that the future is different from the past and also that the future will repeat the past. Yet the Present is free of the past, and Innocence can only be found in the Present. The future is a construct that is an ego defense against the Holy Instant. By thinking that you can or should or must prevent a future outcome, these thoughts reflect the belief that you have some control over the script. You have no control over the script of the world, but do have control over your state of mind. You can choose peace, a miracle, which will show you that "I see only the past." The "future" past is the SAME as the "past" past. Prophecy is the foretelling of what is already written. As a miracle worker time is under your direction, meaning you can choose in any moment to bring an end to the erroneous linear perception of time. I am joined with you in choosing just that, for there is literally no other Perspective of clarity than that of the Holy Spirit's forgiven world.

Question: I cannot change the outcome of reality; however, I think I can change the outcome of unreality, which is admittedly a paradox, while there are those in the Sonship who experience unreal events like Sept. 11 as real.

Answer: There is one mind, and the mind asleep has only one option: to change its mind about itself and accept its changelessness. That is the only responsibility: to accept Atonement. As long as one perceives "other" or multiple minds, this is the error to be released. There are not differing perspectives in forgiveness. Forgiveness sees the false as false, and as long as the sleeping mind sees cause & effect as apart and the future as different from the past, it is refusing to accept Atonement for the error. It is truly a matter of letting go of the belief in private minds and private thoughts.

Questioner: It is still necessary to have bodies to reach the deluded.

Answer: The body is purposeless other than as a communication device. Yet I have also said Mind reaches only to itself. It does not go out of itself. Within itself is everything, you within it and it within you. God has only one Son or Creation. Bodies are only shadow figures that are called forth from the past to witness to separation, and nothing of the five senses witnesses for Oneness. The body is used by the ego to reinforce itself and promote the belief in attack. Yet Mind cannot attack, for there is only one Mind and nothing outside the oneness or wholeness of Mind.

Questioner: Yes the body is purposeless other than a communication device, communicating its oneness to the parts which think they are only separate parts rather than integral parts - everything which God created in its totality, the sum of everything which God created is his one Son. As an analogy the brain, a single brain is one brain because it is composed of billions of integral cells

Answer: God creates no bodies, only eternally. The body is a limit, a fence made to contain what is uncontainable. The infinite cannot create the finite, and the eternal cannot create the temporal. Forgiveness shows that images are unreal, and this includes the perception of the body as well.

Questioner: Sure, but it still allows for the oneness of the one Son to be composed of integral parts, parts which are still parts, but combined parts - not separate parts.

Answer: The whole transcends the concept of "parts." Forgiveness transcends the construct of "parts" and the mind which still perceives parts is in need of Atonement.

Questioner: You're thinking in terms of reference of parts being separate. I am thinking in terms of parts which are integral, maybe even necessary to the oneness.

Answer: In climbing a ladder of consciousness, so to speak, one will never rise up unless one leaves one step for the next. I ask you to see that Awakening requires a willingness to release the concept of "parts" entirely, and accept the goal of Atonement, which is an experience beyond the words. The experience of complete forgiveness goes beyond the words, the parts, to constant peace. That is always the helpful barometer: inner peace. When inner peace is consistent, only then will one "know" what is real and what is illusion.

Love, David