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How can I let go of my past religious memories of Jesus and relate to him in a more Helpful way?

Question: I feel that I have surrendered and let go of the control of my life to God, and I love Jesus. I also see Jesus in visions. But I don't want to picture him as Jesus the man. Of all the ways one can picture Him, Jesus the man is the one I don't feel connected with. Can you share with me how Jesus shows up or manifests in your life?

Answer: That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that Which is Born of the Spirit is Spirit. The issues you feel about Jesus "the man" might simply be called "the human condition." Past memories block the Present Moment from awareness. Christ is unconditional Love, and this world of time-space is the belief that Love is impossible. The world was made by the ego, the belief that separation from God is possible. Christ is an Eternal Idea in the Mind of God, and the world has vanished and never was in the I Am Presence of Spirit. Christ speaks from prior to time and says "Before Abraham was, I am." Christ speaks from Eternity and says "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life." Christ is the “I Am” Presence of this very moment, without beginning or end. Christ is the Light of Understanding and Life. Christ is Spirit. To accept Christ it is necessary to forgive the man, mankind, humankind, matter, space, and time. Form is the illusion, Spirit the Reality.

The ego recalls memories again and again, as the past seems to repeat over and over and over. Past memories seem to change in form, yet images are but images. Christ is beyond the veil of images. Christ is Changeless and Timeless. The ego uses memory to recall what is already over and gone, and in truth never was. The ego is afraid of the present moment, for in this Holy Instant is the Innocent Christ revealed. No man is the Christ. No woman is the Christ. No child is the Christ. No body is the Christ. The Christ is a State of Mind in Union with God. This is the meaning of "I and my Father are One." Christ is the Knowledge that I and my Creator are One. It is impossible to have an Eternal Source AND a time-space "source." Christ is not born of woman, of flesh, of time-space. Christ is born of God. Christ is born of Eternity.

To experience One Self as Christ it is literally necessary to forget the past. And in forgetting the past, the future is forgotten as well. The Present Moment and the past/future do not co-exist. The past is gone. The future but imagined. These concerns are but defenses against the Holy Instant—Now. Yet what time but Now can truth be known? Now is the only time there is. So only this very Instant is the awareness clear: I am as God created Me. I am Spirit. Christ is the Word of God: I am as God created Me. The Word cannot literally be made flesh, yet Jesus "the man" was a demonstration, a symbol of God's Love and of the Eternal Present, the I Am Presence. This Presence reminds: Be ye Perfect as the Creator in Heaven is Perfect. The man was an illusion as an image of time-space. The Spirit beyond the veil of form:


Relationship with Christ, the Eternal Idea, is True Identity. God creates this Identity and this Identity is One in Spirit with God. You asked how Jesus shows up or is manifest in my life. The Answer is: Joy, unbounded, overflowing Joy! Christ is My very Self. Happiness! Deep, certain peace! Fearlessness. Laughter. Complete Freedom. Honesty. Integrity. Love without end.

Living as if there is no world.

Living as if the past never happened.

Living as if the future's never coming.


I love You forever and ever, David