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I'm confused... are you saying that the world and all its laws are just our own thoughts??

Question: Now that I read a little bit of what you say, I'm confused. You're saying that all this stuff in the world is the product of our imagination?

Answer: Yes, all of time-space is a projection of a belief you could call "ego." The temporary is finite and has beginning and end. What is real is Spirit. God creates Spirit to be everlasting, and so It Is.

Question: Am I missing something? Earth and all laws that govern us are our own thoughts? Is that how you see it?

Answer: Ego beliefs produce ego thoughts, and only if one identifies with the ego would they be falsely identified as "our own thoughts." The laws of the world that seem to govern matter and bodies are indeed make believe. Spirit is under no laws but God's.

Question: You know, I had the feeling that all this stuff around us is fake, but the sad thing is we can't bend any laws that are governing us, can we?

Answer: You can do MORE than bend unreal laws, you can transcend them! This requires mind training, much like Neo received in “The Matrix” movie. The Workbook of "A Course In Miracles" is a mind training tool that is very helpful when it is sincerely practiced and applied.

Question: If this world is unreality, it should not be so hard to just make one little miracle happen...but it is.

Answer: My life is filled with miracles and I assure you it is easier and more natural to perform miracles than it is to follow the ways of the world. Experience has shown this to be so.

Question: I don't understand anything. The more I think that everything is unreal, the more it breaks all laws governing my reasoning, and that just makes me feel crazy...not see God.

Answer: The Law of Love is of the Spirit and is very reasonable. The laws of ego are logical, but they follow a false premise - that separation from God is possible - and are therefore completely false.

Question: So I don't know how you can see God by realizing that all this is fake. Maybe you can help me...because I do think that this is an irrational world, and it is not real, but that does not help me. It makes it worse.

Answer: To let go of all false belief is to forgive or release the world. God can only be seen through the Vision of Christ, and this is an Inner Vision that has nothing to do with physical sight. I invite you to read through the writings very thoroughly, and then get yourself an ACIM book. With dedication and practice of the workbook, your mind will open very rapidly to the new direction. You will experience many, many miracles; and they will light the way for the inner healing and escape from fear that awaits you. Just be willing to take one step at a time and be devoted to peace of mind. The way will open. It is certain. I am joined with you in the same Purpose. We cannot fail.

Blessings always, David