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Are "Jesus" and "Christ" synonymous or are we all the Christ?

Question: Are "Jesus" and "Christ" synonymous? If so, isn't that redundant? Are we to worship Jesus? Is there an ultimate God, as in the one Jesus referred to as "Father" in English translations? Why does Jesus teach his disciples "The Lord's Prayer" in which Jesus is not prayed to? Is there any separation between God and us? What is the scoop?

Answer: Thanks for your questions. Christ is a Perfect Divine Idea, and Jesus is the name of one who demonstrates or represents or symbolizes this Divine Idea. The Name of Jesus stands for a Love that is not of this world, for Love is Eternal and the cosmos is temporary. Jesus Christ is therefore a symbol and the Love the Name represents is the Spirit that is One with God. True Identity is the Christ. The Sonship is synonymous with Christ, and Jesus was the name of one who recognized the face of Christ in everyone and Awakened from the dream of the world. Jesus is a demonstration of the Love that is the Sonship. Jesus points to God, Who is deserving of Awe, and God is worshipped as the Spirit of God's Love is shared or extended. The attitude in which one treats one's brothers and sisters, and everything else, is the attitude one has with the Creator, for these attitudes are one. The One God might be referred to as the Creator and is the One referred to in the Bible by Jesus as "Father." This term can correctly be interpreted as our Spirit Parent, for God is neither male nor female.

The "Lord's Prayer" was taught as a model of prayer for generations beginning at the time of Jesus, though God knows the prayer of the heart before a word is ever spoken. Prayer is a medium of communication between the Creator and the Creation in which Answers and Divine Experiences come forth. To pray to Jesus is to pray to the Holy Spirit, for Jesus and the Holy Spirit are synonymous in function. They lead to Atonement or complete forgiveness and the happy dream that brings a close to all dreaming. In the Lord's prayer, Jesus is praying with everyone to the Creator. Even the Bible states "I and the Father are one" has two parts in that Christ is the Creation and God the Creator. Creation and Creator are One Spirit and share the same Will for Perfect Happiness. There is no separation between God and God's Creation. Forgiveness of illusion or error is its release, and this leads to Awakening or remembering God's Eternal Love.

Blessings be upon You Holy One, David