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Why am I holding myself back from being able to maintain Knowledge 24/7?

Question: I'm not knowing why I am holding myself back. I've had the experience of no world and no people, and being the Son of God. I believe it with all my heart. That little knowledge seems to be able to answer any question I can think of about the nature of things. Since I seem to "know" that all this is meaningless, and I do feel that, what am I doing or not doing that might slow myself down? I do know that I have some trouble maintaining the knowledge 24/7. It does seem to slip away from time to time. Is that the problem? Also, I'm not able to "converse" with HS to the degree that I would like. I can get Him to answer me when I ask if He is there, but then ego starts an uproar, and I usually lose Him. Sometimes not, but usually. I love that you're available in this form. 

Answer: The release is seeing that the present moment (knowledge) need not be "maintained" "24/7, but only accepted. The belief that time is linear instead of simultaneous is the only problem, and the vacillation between states of mind reflects the problem. The miracle does nothing. All it does is undo. You are opening to what is known within, watching all self-concepts dissolve, surrendering to the silence of being. As any thoughts of time, of holding yourself back, all questions, and any thoughts of doing or not doing are released, the Holy Instant is all that remains in awareness. The Holy Instant is All. The mind emptied of the meaningless is discovered to be Divine Mind.

The one lesson is undoing, the one way is surrender, and the one life is the experience. This is the advanced course in miracles. When the ego seems to start an uproar, release whatever thoughts appear with the declaration: "this means nothing." Use this as a mantra to release any thought of past or future. Undoing comes first. You will fear Holy Spirit and the surrender to silence and acceptance of Atonement until concepts are undone. Undoing is the practice. Attend to the practice.

Love and Blessings, David