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If my mind is like a mud cake covered by sweet icing, how do I uncover the mud?

Question: I seem to have much willingness to uncover the darkness, but occasionally realize how little that I’m uncovering. What is the best way to go about uncovering it? I feel like I'm not making much progress.

Answer: Much of the sweet icing is affirmations and positive thinking and what I call "people-pleasing"—walking on eggshells to smooth things over in the family, or Course group, so as not to rock the boat. So the sweet icing and the people-pleasing seem to serve the purpose of keeping things rolling smoothly. Then you call on the Holy Spirit, and He forces all of the darkness up into awareness, like a giant glacier of light, forcing thoughts into consciousness. This is much more helpful than the people-pleasing.

Question. Why do we always doubt that others love us?

David Hoffmeister: That is how special relationships came to be. There was a deep sense of incompletion and lack in the mind. Instead of going deep within the mind and facing this lack, the ego said, “Run away from it.” So the separation was forgotten and pushed out of awareness, and God's Answer, which was given immediately and solved the problem in an instant, was pushed out of awareness also. And the ego said: "Run! You have done something terrible. Run out into time and space. God will not chase you there. God will not come into the darkness. You will be safe in the darkness."

And the ego says to the mind, "You have thrown away heaven. God is angry. You cannot go back without being punished. You can't think that God will let you rip your mind away from Him without a price to be paid. So hide in the dust." Now, the turnaround comes when you take the hand of Jesus, go down in the dark basement, step by step, and realize that none of this darkness is true. The ego says to the mind: "You made a bargain. You cannot change your mind now. You are stuck." The Holy Spirit assures us that is not a real bargain telling us, “God has nothing to do with the bargain. Come with me to the final cornerstone on which this whole cosmos is built. We will lift it together. You will see that God loves you. He is not angry.”

So, in answer to your question, let your feelings come. Realize your power of interpretation. See that by being honest with yourself and your feelings, you will speed up the awakening for everyone. Where the mind anticipates loss of love, it will find a blessing instead. The people-pleasing is like false contracts that have been made to keep the illusion of love in place. When you let go of these contracts, you find enormous blessing, beyond what you could imagine. You no longer hold your brother to expectations and therefore your mind is released.

Love, David