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How can I be guided to find satisfying employment in order to support my family?

Question: I am 45, have a wife and three kids, and a few months ago I was finally forced out of an unhappy job situation, praise God! I just haven't been able to find satisfying employment or to see it rightly since then. More than just work, I long for the work situation that is right for me and my family right now, and for my true spiritual path both now and in the future. I am asking the Holy Spirit to lead me—to show me where to go, what to say and do, how and to whom. Can you help me?

Answer: Thanks for sharing the prayer of our Heart. Our focus now is unlearning, and every seeming situation that comes will be an opportunity to trust in God and embrace the Care the Holy Spirit offers. The peace that passeth the understanding of the world comes in Quietness of Mind, and I ask only that you rest a moment in stillness and practice the Holy Instant. Every sense of "employment" comes from the innermost desire of the heart, and happily it becomes apparent that it is impossible to serve two masters. First the mind opens to allowing the Holy Spirit to work through itself as a willing servant. The Joy of this alignment is unspeakable! As this washing and cleansing intensifies, all scraps of the personal "individual" self are carried away down the stream of forgiveness. Ego "responsibilities" are met, not by personal striving, but in the Divine Providence that has met and will always meet every perceived human need. As one "works" with Joy, one ceases to be aware of time, and awareness of the timeless Moment leads to Eternity. Employment, as the world sees it, is re-interpreted by the Holy Spirit to be "working with Love." As the belief in reciprocity is undone completely the mind sees its complete dependency on the Holy Spirit, and perceived needs have dissolved. The desire to Give or Extend Love is fulfilled in the Experience that Love Is All there Is, for Love has no opposite. Remembering One Self as Love is the Fulfillment at which the forgiveness of illusions aims.

Teach and minister each moment in the beatitude of Love and Harmony. State of Mind is everything, and the "form" that seems to flow from our Purpose will always seem helpful and appropriate until the use for form is done. Contentment comes in Content. Think with God, Be in Peace, and behold the Glory of the Lord with all thy heart, soul, and might. You are the One.

Blessings abound, David

Question: David I am the brother from Nashville who wrote requesting prayer in regards to my desire for satisfying employment and peace of mind. By faith, my wife and I sent in the rent check not knowing how we would make it good, just believing that somehow God would help us and our three children. Meanwhile, A sister who read my request was led by the Spirit to offer financial assistance that will allow us to make the rent good! Praise God! I just want to tell the brothers and sisters out there who write in, and those that simply read the questions:

You are not alone. I am Donny from Nashville and I am with you. I love you. Your struggles are my struggles. I have felt alone, unloved, helpless, and afraid. I began to trust in God for the right outcome and I began to become aware of miracles.

When I was introduced to the Course, that was a miracle, when I met Janie, that was a miracle. Whoever, and wherever you are today please know that you are never alone, you are worthy, you are beautiful and you are so very very loved. Like David I too, am walking hand in hand with you. Thanks sister Rosa.

Peace, Donny

Answer: Thanks for sharing this Donny. And thanks to you Rosa. All Glory to God for the Divine Providence that carries God's Beloved Child to our Home in Heaven. Miracles abound! One Calls, and One Answers. Such a Joy to behold.

Bless you, bless Janie, bless your children, bless Rosa, bless your former employers, and bless your former wife. All things work together for good, and happily there are no exceptions. Thank You God for the Love that sustains and nourishes.

Love always, David