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If it's all an illusion, why would it be wrong to commit suicide in order to go back Home?

Question: Most religions believe that taking one's life is a sin or wrong. If everything is an illusion then why would it be wrong to want to go back to The Father? There are moments now when I feel so hopeless about the future that I just would like to leave the planet. I long to go back "Home"; the only thing that is stopping me at the moment is that I would be hurting those I would leave behind. What are your thoughts on suicide?

Answer: The deepest desire within is to return to the Father, yet Heaven is reached through resurrection, not death. The sleeping mind is freed from the world of illusions as it unlearns the ego or forgives error. Depression comes from a false belief about one's True Identity. State of mind is a decision, and a moment of depression is the wrong-minded choice to deny the Reality of Love.

Suicide is believed to be the taking of the life of a body, yet life is of the Mind and can only be found in Mind. The decision to "kill" the body does not bring peace, yet peace comes as the mind forgives or releases the error of belief in separation from God. As the mind resurrects from believing in a lie to experiencing the Truth, the Father is Known.

Swear not to die Holy Child of God. This means You are worthy of happiness and can choose to align with the Father's Will for Perfect Happiness. Peace is found in the choice for Atonement, not death. Devote your mind to learning to forgive, for this is the best use of your mind's effort and attentiveness.

Love always, David