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In my heart I know God loves me unconditionally, but I still feel at war with my religious conditioning which tells me that God is sitting high above

Question: I want to understand the reality of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I am the woman who wrote to you some time ago about my desire to stop drinking, smoking and having sex with my fiance to consecrate my body for our marriage. In my heart, I want to believe that God loves me no matter what, and I keep telling myself that God does not judge me, nor is he angry with me. But that clashes with what I have been brainwashed with over the years because of my religious upbringing—that God is judging us for every sin we commit. I often find myself confused and on my knees at night asking for forgiveness. Could you shed some light on this tug of war?

Answer: Thanks for writing and for sharing what's on your heart. You are sooooooo Loved! God is the unconditional and unchanging Eternal Love Which is All Life and Being. God knows nothing of condemnation or judgment, for God is Perfect Love and Pure Oneness. God does not forgive, for God has never condemned. It is the mind that believes it has separated itself from God that has great need of forgiveness. Forgiveness of sins is another way of saying release of errors or mistakes. Sin is the belief in a lack of Love, yet since God is Love and God is Reality, the belief in a lack of Love is the error to be Corrected. This belief is literally the only error, for all seeming errors of time are reflections of this one. Love is Eternal, sin is temporary. Sin is not a black mark that stays on the soul forever - it is a time-related mistake about identity that vanishes in the Eternal Light of Truth. In Christ you are already forgiven, for Christ is the Love Which God created in the Likeness of God. Christ is the I Am Presence that is forever Innocent in God, for Christ is prior to and far beyond the make-believe error that anything or anyone could be separate from God.

Forgiveness is the great need of the mind that believes in the reality of the world of duality, multiplicity, separation, and conflict. The world of judgment is the veil of error that blocks the Love of God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit from awareness. Jesus taught: "Judge not, lest ye be judged." This is the same as saying "As ye sow, so shall ye reap." Sin, guilt, fear, and punishment are all make-believe, for God is a God of Love and All-Loving. The belief in sin, or lack, or separation seemed to set in motion an illusory cycle of guilt, fear, death, and punishment that can seem very real to a mind asleep and dreaming of exile. Yet be of good cheer, for Christ is Innocent and has overcome the error that was the world. We Live and Move and Have our Being in the Heart of God, and God's Spirit is One with our Spirit.

Struggles of the flesh, so to speak, are really struggles of judgment. There is no struggle in non-judgment or complete forgiveness. Forgiveness is the only goal worthy of your attention and effort now. It is our only Purpose for this world, for forgiveness is the only Purpose the Holy Spirit has for the world. The confusion and tug of war you experience is a result of listening to the ego (or satan in biblical terms), for only the ego sponsors confusion and war. The ego always speaks first, yet in the quiet moments the Holy Spirit speaks of our Innocence. Your lifestyle or patterns of behavior are a direct result of unconscious beliefs and thoughts. The confusion and struggles you feel about the flesh are really very deep-seated beliefs in your mind. Forgiveness (or the Correction of error) is already accomplished, but must be accepted in your mind. The task is to accept Atonement - or complete forgiveness—as Jesus demonstrated. It may seem to be a mighty task, but if you are tempted to feel overwhelmed or intimidated by the task, ask yourself this question: "Would God have a Plan for my salvation that could fail?" The ego is silenced forever in the Glory of God's Presence.

Again, forgiveness is already accomplished. Ask not to be forgiven, for that is already accomplished. Ask, rather, to learn how to forgive. The Holy Spirit leads you unfailingly toward learning this one lesson. In fact, the willingness to forgive is all that is Asked of you. The Holy Spirit is the "how" and you will be Guided every step of the way. The ego will seem to resist the final lesson of forgiveness, yet have no fear because the ego will go from awareness at last—and our holy Mind rests in the Love of God. This is inevitable, for Eternal Peace is the Truth of our Being.

I rejoice in the Great Awakening to the Love of God! Peace and blessings flow in you and through you. May God be Glorified in our Joy!

Love, David