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How can we experience miracles and know that we are Spirit, so that it's not just theoretical?

Question: It is our attachment or belief in illusions of things or body that can make us judge others, or feel hurt or angry, or say it was unjust. If we recognize that only Spirit exists and it is all powerful and cannot be hurt, then nothing that happens here matters. And we see everyone and everything from the point of wholeness. Even a "deceitful" thing that happened is probably to teach us a lesson not to value anything of this world, including our bodies and our “lives.” This is really hard. We are afraid of losing our friends, family, our living conditions, etc. Then we also have to develop present trust that the Holy Spirit will provide for all our needs as long as they are necessary. But first we have to experience miracles and that we are Spirit and for conviction and inner knowing to come. Is it not? How do we get these miracle and Spirit experiences? In spite of doing ACIM, I have not had any such experience to speak of. Would you provide us with some insight into this?

Answer: Thanks for sharing what is on your heart and for your sincere opening to the Spirit within. Miracles bring conviction, for they demonstrate what you have just written—the valuelessness of the body and world, and the value of the Spirit—Which is unchanging. Miracles are experiences that dissolve belief and collapse time. If you are willing to question what you seem to believe and apply the words you have spoken to everything in your awareness, the experience of inner peace will be evident. If you seem to be "...afraid of losing our friends, family, our living conditions, etc." then there is an identity attachment to these things which is blocking the experience of the miracle. The miracle costs nothing and offers a glimpse of Everything. There is no sacrifice in Knowing God's Will, and our Will is One with God's Will. Nothing real is lost or given up in serving God, because the temporary never had any value whatsoever. All Value is Eternal and even a glimpse of this Fact brings immediate peace of mind. If you apply the principles of miracles and make no exceptions, you will experience what I am writing about. Words can but point to the experience of Love that is truly far beyond words.

Who is family to Christ? Who is friend to Christ? What are living conditions to Christ? Everyone and everything, for mind is one. Everyone and everything is included in healed perception, the forgiven world. Christ sees no body and no thing as special or unique or distinct or different. Divine Love looks upon ItSelf and sees only Perfection. Love makes no comparisons, for there are not "two" of anything to compare. Welcome to the Oneness Which sees that there is nothing apart from Mind, Which experiences the Family of Spirit. Christ is Friend to All and the beatitude of friendliness is universal and all-encompassing - it cannot be limited to a person or group of persons. The Living Condition of Spirit is Joy, and anything that seems to be of form can at most be a reflection of the Joy of the mind that hears only One Voice. In Purpose the mind is unified and specifics and details fade in importance, for Abstraction is the natural condition of the mind.

It is important to practice what you are beginning to grasp. Share these ideas as the Holy Spirit directs and this sharing will strengthen them in your awareness. You cannot give away what you do not have. By sharing these ideas you become aware that you HAVE them and you will see that you ARE them. You are a Perfect Idea in the Mind of God and nothing is ever "lost" by giving your Self away. Share Love and Know that You are Love. Share Love and see that there is nothing "outside" this All-encompassing Love. You are the Light of the world, for God creates only Light and God is our Creator.

Blessings of Love always, David