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David, do you and the so called "master teacher" teach the same thing?

Question: I was deeply involved with Master Teacher from Endeavor Academy and believed wholeheartedly in what he had to say. I also believe wholeheartedly in what you say. Do you and "master teacher" teach the same thing? What about the copyright issue stuff? Can you please give me some words of wisdom?

Answer: Thanks for writing and for your willingness to Awaken. Love is the Teacher and the lesson is always the same: Love is All there is, and I am as God created Me. God is the Author of Reality, and all form is just a projection of the ego. "A Course in Miracles" is a book and is a particularly good example of the Holy Spirit's use of words, which are but symbols of symbols. Jesus or Holy Spirit are the Content, or Presence, or State of Mind to which "A Course in Miracles" points. The book is a symbolic representation of the desire to Awaken and is best viewed as a temporary roadmap of the inward journey to Christ Vision. Everything in perception witnesses to what the mind believes, and thus the script of the world is a like a motion picture of unconscious belief. "A Course In Miracles" has no meaning in and of itself, simply because nothing exists in and of itself apart from the whole. No thread can be pulled out of the tapestry of the cosmos, and no part can be given a name and meaning apart from the whole. Mind is One and Union is the natural State of Christ Mind. With regard to this world, this translates to the following: forgiveness is the wholeness which dispels the belief in fragments or parts. "A Course in Miracles" can be viewed as a tool or path in the process of Awakening, yet Truth ItSelf cannot be described or explained, only experienced. In the Stillness of Now there is no question or confusion or conflict.

"Master teacher" is only a concept, yet it can be said that consistent peace and mastery through Love are the same experience. Readiness does not imply mastery, and the reflections and witnesses of Christ which the mind calls forth are “proportionate” to the mind's willingness to see beyond all appearances. I put proportionate in quotes because to the Holy Spirit there are no orders of difficulty in miracles, and no degrees of Light or darkness. This Perspective beholds only wholeness. While the mind seems to believe in and therefore perceive "personal teachers," there will appear to be differences, for the personal perspective is the only distortion to be Corrected. God is no respecter of persons. Whenever the temptation arises to compare teachers—or anyone or anything else—remember that Love makes no comparisons, Being One. Forgiveness is mastery through Love and dispels the belief in fragmented perception.

I give Love freely because I have no limits. Love is Giving as God Gives and therefore Love asks for nothing and makes no demands. I am an Idea in the Mind of God. I use time and space and words and symbols to point to an Experience that transcends them. I am neither a leader or a follower, for there is only a single mind and nothing apart from this whole mind. I teach "resist not evil" because there is nothing of the world to fight or contest, and what a mind resists persists in distorted awareness—though not in Truth. There are no adversaries in a forgiven world, and this world has BEEN forgiven. To take a stand with regard to anything of this world requires a belief in opposites or "sides." Yet this belief is the error which has already BEEN Corrected. The "copyright issue stuff" you seem to perceive is only confusing to you because you still are attempting to believe in opposites and sides. There are none. The split was (or seemed to be) within the mind, but the past is over and the Holy Spirit's Perspective is now the only sane option for viewing this world. In forgiveness you go beyond the error of fragmentation and look back on it from calm Perspective Which sees that it is over. This world was over long ago and nothing but a blessing remains.

Jesus is a symbol representing the Christ Mind and a spiritual Heavenly Kingdom. Jesus never attempted to overthrow the Roman government or break earthly governmental laws of time, knowing they were not true. Jesus is a witness or demonstration of the Spiritual Idea of the Christ! Christ is Spirit, never matter or material. “Christ is Now for Now” is the closest approximation of Eternity this world offers. In ACIM the phrase "forgive me your illusions" means "forgive the man called Jesus and all of history" and accept your Self as the Christ right Now. Time IS the only illusion. Thus, in listening to the Holy Spirit, mind is shown that there is nothing to defend in this world. The body needs no defense for it is not real. A book needs no defense for it is not real. Words need no defense for they are not real. A group of bodies or organization need no defense for they are not real. Human "rights" need no defense for they are not real. Time needs no defense for it is not real. Forgiveness sees all of these concepts as one false belief, and what is not true can hardly need defense. Christ in God is Reality. Truth simply Is. What Is has no "opposite." Without the belief in opposites, without judgment, is everything equally acceptable. For wholeness is unopposed. This is Great Joy! Oneness is the Law of Love. Teach that there are no other laws through utter defenselessness, and see how happy you feel immediately!

The ego projects and the Spirit extends. The extension of Love is real and projection has no reality whatsoever. The world of time is the attempt to project the split mind—a belief in separation from God—onto a screen of images and then forget the attempt by blaming the images, as if they were the source of upset. The so-called "copyright issue” of ACIM is but one example of this insane attempt. In recent years (as earth time is perceived), the ego has seemed to counsel the deceived mind to take a stand for "truth" by blaming and scapegoating certain images. Under the ego's "guidance" the images are blamed for feelings of hurt and fear and victimization and anger, and the cry for "justice" rings out loud. Yet the ego itself is judgment (by making a hierarchy of illusions) and for the ego the only "justice" seems to be to await the decision of a judge of the world and a particular form outcome. This is an insane perspective because it has no basis in Reality, and is an ego attempt to deny the forgiven world Perspective the Holy Spirit offers, by finding an outcome in form. The ego counsels that a change in the world, a change in behavior, or a change in structure is needed for peace of mind, yet by following the ego dictates of "seek and do not find," the deceived mind remains confused. The ego wants to see certain images proven wrong and guilty, and other images vindicated and honored for "taking a stand" for truth. You can be assured of this alone: if you follow the ego's dictates and hang on to a "personal perspective,” the illusion of self deception will seem to remain in awareness.

The happy Alternative is the Holy Spirit's Perspective: singularity of mind! There is no world apart from mind for ideas leave not their source. There is no "objective world," apart from the one perceiver—the one dreamer. There are not separate individual dreamers or private minds, dreaming separate dreams, for the dream is one to the Holy Spirit. You are the dreamer of the world of dreams. No other cause does it have or ever will. A forgiving dream of non-judgment has come to take the place of dreams of fear. This world was a world of concepts, and concepts never left the mind that believed them. The images were not out there in an objective world, apart from a tiny private mind that called itself human. The all-inclusive concept of forgiveness sees no enemies, for there is nothing outside of mind and therefore nothing at all to oppose.

Images are the same in that they are all one illusion. The little names of the world have no meaning, for what is one whole tapestry cannot be broken apart. God has no name in Eternal Reality, yet the "Name of God" (I Am) is a momentary replacement for the idols of the world. Accept I Am and see how idols dissolve and disappear in this Holy Instant. Gone are the images that seemed to battle each other in the attempt to prove which image was right and which was wrong. Gone are issues and controversies from the mind which is Still an Instant. If you truly want the Peace of God, drop every concept of this time-space cosmos. Idols will never content the Holy Child of God. You are the One!

You are not your brother's keeper or advocate or enemy, for oneSelf is literally one mind. Truly there is and always has been and always will be only One. Whomever the ego would seem to have blamed is the illusion of a separate self. The ego is over and gone. It matters not whether a sleeping mind called that "self" Jesus or David or Chuck or Ken or Judith or Jeffrey or Endeavor Academy or FACIM or bird or star or rock or master teacher or moon or tulip or electron or cloud, etc. "God is in everything I see because God is in my mind" translates to "the Perspective of the Holy Spirit sees nothing apart from mind." And without any gap in perception—the separation between subject and object—is everything wholly kind and loving as the Perspective or reflection of God's Everlasting Love. Look upon everything in the Spirit's Perspective, for that is All there is to behold.

I love You forever and ever! David