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Time, Space, and Personhood audio: David speaks about the meaning of the "hypothetical".

David discusses this topic starting at 25 minutes and 16 seconds into the audio below, titled
"Time, Space, and Personhood".

General description of audio: This advanced discussion goes deeply into the major topic areas of
ACIM including ordering thought, right mind/wrong mind, cause and effect, linear time and
hypothetical thinking, the subject-object split, and the immediacy of salvation. The immediacy of
salvation is to see that everything is thought. Time and space are of one illusion. Every memory
is a thought. If projected beyond the mind and seen in terms of personhood, thoughts are
described in terms of time. Discernment is the key to seeing that "I Am the Right Mind!" The
wrong mind is dissolved in this realization. The right mind is a constant state. Vacillation is a
metaphor; there is only the right mind. "I am wholly mind" is not believed and so all false
beliefs are to be questioned to come to the experience of being Mind. It is a metaphor to say
that the ego exists or even to say that it could be resistant or resilient. The ego is a present
decision as is the Holy Spirit. The right mind is a state where there is no ordering of
thought/of images. It is practical to see cause and effect are not apart. This is a state of
rest, of peace; there is nothing to attain or strive for, no future goals or outcomes. Only
present peace and joy. Mysticism is realizing that there is no gap between time and space, no gap
between cause and effect; there is no personhood and there is no subject-object split.