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David to Jesus, "Money doesn't grow on trees!"

The Holy Spirit has a great sense of integrity. When I first picked up "A Course In Miracles," I told Jesus: Money does not grow on trees! And I had debts and bills to pay. Jesus told me to begin working with the Course and He would give me specific instructions, he would get me a job so I could pay off my debts. This happened immediately. Not only were the loans paid off, but a big chip of pride was knocked off my shoulder, the pride of being independent and providing for myself. Jesus began to dissolve away the Protestant work ethic I had been raised with and helped me open up to divine providence. You must be very humble to accept sustenance from God That was my biggest difficulty in my early travels: letting go of pride, the belief that I personally was responsible for my survival on this planet. At first this was hard to believe, because all my training taught me the opposite. I had lived a life of competition, competing in sports, competing for grades, competing for jobs. Jesus said: No, the messenger is worthy of his keep. He said: If you will let me speak words through you and bring hope and cheer to your brothers and sisters, I will take care of all the details of your life. For twelve years, Jesus has kept his word. Everything I seem to need is provided for me, with no effort on my part.

Love, David