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Projection video: A talk with Jason and David on the metaphysics of projection.

Can you talk about "separation anxiety"?

General description of video:
Jason explains the metaphysics of projection (ACIM) using an illustration. Everything in the world is projection. Beliefs and concepts in the mind are like images on a reel of film and as the light shines through the images you see a world on the screen based on those images including bodies and other bodies. The goal of the Course is to look through the lens with the Holy Spirit, in an ego-less way. Although no changes can be made on the screen, in order to clear the mind we start with specifics, what is seemingly on the screen at what we believe happened and then come back to the mind to choose the Holy Spirit's lens.

Holy Spirit reaches the mind where it believes it's at. Over time it starts to dawn that people don't really learn or act. Even the doer starts to fade as you work the forgiveness process. The mind becomes clean of concepts and images. Then you get to the point where peace is with you wherever you go no matter what the environment. It's just on the screen, you're watching, it cannot touch you. It takes a lot of practice and making no exceptions.

Watch the video here: