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Are we here to "grow", or "evolve" spiritually as is taught by Marianne Williamson and many others?

Question: I have a question about the evolution of spirit—the I Am. I am really stuck on this issue and I am wondering if the I Am continues to want to grow and extend and spread its influence. It doesn't seem logical that the I AM would not want to create. That the I AM would just sit still and do nothing. Once we break through the illusion of time/space are we going to do anything? Are growth and creation over?

And the body seems to be a valid tool that we chose to use to get experience we couldn't get in other ways. In fact, this earthly reality/existence, even though illusion seems to be quite valid as a learning environment, it is not the ultimate I AM or who I really am. The more I teach the more advanced I get according to the Course. Will we continue to advance after the Happy Dream, “growing into our perfection,” as Marianne Williamson (paradoxically) says?

Could it not be possible that what we think of as the Holy Spirit or God may just be beings who have advanced beyond our level and are now acting as our guides? I think being stuck in the old Christian concept of God can create a lot of limitations. I hope continue to grow and learn. Anyway, sorry this is so rambling. I just had to get it all out. I would love to hear your thoughts about the above information.

Answer: Thanks for expressing your desire to Wake Up to Eternity. Many seeming stepping stone concepts, including "process" and "evolution" and "reincarnation" are included in the belief in time. The belief in simultaneous time is another step, and this includes the Happy Dream of non judgment. Atonement is the experience that recognizes that the separation never happened. The Big Leap (Enlightenment) is a State of Being Which knows no opposite.

Divine Purpose is one with the experience of inner peace, and with the Holy Spirit's Help you will be able to discern the Holy Spirit's Purpose from the ego's purpose. This leads to a decision or final acceptance of the Correction of the belief in separation. "Growing into our perfection" seems to be a paradox only because of the belief in linear time. In the Holy Instant there is no linear time, for Truth is wholly Present. Time and Eternity do not coexist, and Awakening is simply the acceptance of the Reality of Eternity.

Creation is Pure Spirit and as Christ says in in the Beyond All Idols section of ACIM: "God knows not form." Creation is One Mind. There are no levels or dimensions or degrees or intervals in What Is Forever One. Forgiveness, which is still perceptual, has no levels or individuals. The Happy Dream is unified. In the Happy Dream there are no separate beings, for the tapestry of time/space is one illusion.

If you read carefully through the writings I share you will also notice that "manifesting" is simply another stepping stone concept. What is One simply Is and has no opposite. "To teach" is another way of saying "to think,” and forgiveness is simply a complete transformation of thought. Teaching, like prayer, is continuous and not an "event" or "activity." Nothing is personal in forgiveness, and it is apparent that there is only mind. There is not both the mental and the physical because there are no problems apart from the mind. The only sickness was the belief in mind that separation from God was possible. In Waking this belief is Corrected, and only Eternity can be Known. Truth remains forever true.

Love, David