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How can I convince others that God did not create this world?

Question: I'm having a tough time with some folks refusing to believe that this "world" was not created by God. They believe that it was created by God, as were we, and that He lives in all the pretty flowers, etc. Now I know that's not so, but how does one handle that kind of rigidity?

Answer: Releasing the belief in a "they" or "some folks" is yielding to the flow that ends all rigidity. Emptying the mind of all concepts and images releases the belief in knowing anything about this world and opens it to acceptance of Atonement. The experience of now sees no "other,” for love is One. ACIM Workbook lessons 29 & 30 eliminate pantheism (seeing God as indwelling in separate objects) as a possibility and reveal God is in everything I see because God is in my Mind. The purpose of the Holy Spirit unifies perception to a single perspective, and even this holy perception must then give way to the light, the Vision of Christ. The lesson of acceptance is our own, and any upset is a call to release the belief that there is anything outside of mind. Love has no object, for love is whole. God creates only Spirit! True forgiveness rests on the idea that God did not create a meaningless world.