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Jesus Teaches Formally in a Lecture Style

        On the largest of a group of islands situated a short distance offshore near Urmia was located a large building - a lecture amphitheater - dedicated to the "spirit of religion." This temple of religion had been built by a wealthy merchant citizen of Urmia and his three sons. This man was Cymboyton. The lectures and discussions in this school of religion began at 10:00 o‘clock every morning in the week. The afternoon sessions started at 3:00 o‘clock, and the evening debates opened at 8:00 o‘clock. Cymboyton or one of his three sons always presided at these sessions of teaching, discussion, and debate. On several occasions Jesus participated in these discussions, and before he left Urmia, Cymboyton arranged with Jesus to sojourn with them for two weeks on his return trip and give twenty-four lectures on ―The Brotherhood of Men,‖ and to conduct twelve evening sessions of questions, discussions, and debates on his lectures in particular and on the brotherhood of men in general. This was the most systematic and formal of all the Master‘s teaching on Urantia. In reality these lectures were on the "Kingdom of God‖ and the "Kingdoms of Men."