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Will forgiveness solve all problems and bring peace?

Question: My question is, if it is to be God's Will, why not tell us directly? Will every problem be solved if we believe in Christ? “A Course in Miracles” says we should forgive everyone. In this world many unforgivable things happen, but if I forgive them all it will bring me peace? I hope one day I will believe, see, and witness the work of Christ.

Answer: Thanks for writing and for sharing your questions. The Holy Spirit is always direct, but the fear of healing means the Holy Spirit must work with the willingness of the mind to release the fear. God's Will is for Perfect Happiness, and every seeming problem and situation dissolves before the remembrance of Christ and God in the Holy Instant. The mind must be trained to unlearn everything it believes about the world and self, including the release of judgment, to make way for the remembrance of the Present. All perceptions of mistreatment and injustice are misperceptions, and miracles offer glimpses of another Way of looking upon the world. The spiritual journey is a journey inward, and forgiveness is the release of all illusions. Complete forgiveness brings the peace that passeth the understanding of the world. With willingness to forgive everything and everybody there is a willingness to release the past. The complete release of past-future thinking brings Present rest and contentment.

Trust in the Holy Spirit to lead the way.

Blessings, David