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How Can I Tell if I'm Intellectualizing video: David discusses the Buddhism idea of emptying the mind; Undoing the "doer"


Description of video: Intellectualizing? Empty the mind and drop all concepts. The Holy Spirit is
like a vacuum cleaner, sweeping out the mind of all its concepts. Education of the world is
useless here. Soften into what the Buddha called, emptiness. Are you being defensive? Then you
are identifying with illusion. A woman took my book and tossed it in the garbage can; she thought
I'd be very upset. I was unmoved. When you are not intellectualizing, you will feel mentally
passive, no longer identified with the "do-er"; the doing mind. This is not good or bad; There's
just a heaviness that way. Being "done through", there is, instead, a sense of peace. . .