Philippe is a wealthy tetraplegic, in need of a caregiver. Driss comes to a job interview, hoping for nothing more than a signature on a paper to maintain his unemployment benefit. It is a divinely inspired set-up for a transformational relationship assignment. Holy Spirit is no respecter of persons and Driss reflects this by being irreverent and even joking about Philippe’s physical condition. Philippe recognizes true empathy immediately. The roles of caretaker and invalid are blurred as a relationship is formed which allows for healing that benefits the whole. The contrast between a trained caregiver, who perceives Philippe as a broken body, and Driss, who treats Philippe as an equal, overlooking his disability and acting and speaking directly from his own experience, is like night and day. True empathy and authenticity are what open the way for forgiveness and healing.

About the author

Lilo Aurora

I am devoted to practicing forgiveness and discovering the spark in my heart. I am also a Spiri lover and a member of the Take Me Home documentary team.


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