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For the mind asleep and dreaming, waking up seems to demand a loss. Eddie Mora has spiraled to an all-time low; an ex-addict and blocked writer, he is mocked by what was once great potential. Recently jilted by his beautiful and patient girlfriend, he has failed according to the world. When offered a new designer drug as a gift, he has nothing to lose—except all the doubt thoughts that have held him back his entire life. This new mind-expanding portal lifts Eddie into unprecedented clarity. “I knew what to do and exactly how to do it.”
The little willingness to step out of smallness is all the Spirit needs. The belief in the power of drugs is used to open the mind to unlimited opportunities for forgiveness. After a period of grandiosity, it is obvious that “an untrained mind can accomplish nothing.” (W-in.1) Discipline is required to maintain razor’s edge perception. Resistance to magnitude is reflected as Eddie begins to meet others who have withdrawn into littleness and fear after the initial high of taking the drug. They seem to manifest a mysterious illness as they retreat back to the perceived safety of limitation. But once Eddie turns his newly found attentiveness towards a greater purpose, Spirit can guide him towards true helpfulness and service. Once the mind is freed from belief in attack, lack, and reciprocity, the experience of limitlessness transcends the need for the drug; it was just a stepping stone. This is a glorious movie for getting a taste for the release from belief in limitation.

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Jason Warwick is a devoted member of Living Miracles and a Lover of Spiri - New Technology to Assist the Mind in waking up to the Truth.


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