Copying Beethoven — The purpose of relationship assignments is to lose awareness of separate interests and join together in a unified purpose. Collaboration is an opportunity for two minds to join as one and experience being in the divine flow.
Beethoven receives downloads from the Spirit in the form of symphonies of music unlike anything the world has ever heard. Ludwig van Beethoven describes how the presence of God is found in the silence between the notes, and how taking down the music and playing it is as close to creation as one can be. His direct experience of inspiration is a huge contrast to the frustration and intensity he experiences when dealing with the world. Without mind training, or a context for dealing with the ego, he is experienced by those around him as a fearful, unpredictable force. Anna Holtz also has a calling that involves music. She recognizes the depth and purpose of a Spirit-given assignment to share in and extend the music Beethoven has received. In copying Beethoven, her willingness to be a clear, direct communication channel supports them both in going beyond their fears into the experience of true collaboration. Pride and arrogance fall away as the call for love is answered.

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